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Prevention Tips & a Hygienic Clean

According to the CDC, most healthy adults can infect others one day before symptoms develop and five to seven days after symptoms appear.

The CDC also tells us that while bed linens used by flu sufferers do not need to be cleaned separately, they should not be shared unless they’ve first been washed thoroughly.

While it’s unlikely you can re-infect yourself, it’s a good practice to change a sick person’s bed sheets and pillowcases as soon as symptoms abate.  Of course, you should always wash your hands after stripping the bed or handling the bedclothes.

When symptoms do abate be sure to wash not only the bed linens but the pajamas, blankets, comforters, spreads, duvets, mattress covers, etc. to mitigate chances for re-infection.  Again, wash your hands after handling these items.

Let us help.  We not only have the right sized equipment to do a great job, we provide a hygienic cleaning process for the wash, rinse, extract and drying programs that will optimize the clean while it maintains the like-new look and feel of your bedding.  Remember, our specially developed professional wash formulas assure you of a hygienic clean, you simply can’t achieve with supermarket products.

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