Company Story

Our story is simple. Our business is people and their individuality. Although we work hard to make people look good, we sincerely believe our customers are total people each having problems, emotions, and joys, not just someone dropping off clothes to be cleaned and reconstructed. We deal with individuality and recognize that each person is unique. We respect that characteristic. We understand emotions and concerns, not just the issues related to garments.

We at Art’s Cleaners recognize that customers may have personal problems and concerns. We take the time to listen and talk if they’re willing. Often, people will call and thank us for listening. On the other hand, we’re concerned about customers expectations. We understand clothes can reflect a person’s feelings and importance. In some cases, clothes reflect a customers personality, and sometimes represents the important events in their lives. One minute we may be dealing with the happiness and joy of a christening or wedding the next minute we are preparing a suit or dress to be worn by a deceased person for their funeral.

We appreciate our customers. We believe in customer servitude. We treat our customers with great service, great attitude, and much gratitude. We want them to look and feel good. We treat them like our best friend.

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